Tuesday, December 25, 2007


On December 1st, I had the privilege of attending the birthday party of one of my best friends, Liliana Rodriguez. She turned 10, and we had an AWESOME time! We played on her Wii, did a talent show, and played outside in her bouncy house and the lovely, glorious, 3-4 inches of SNOW!

On December 8th, it was my turn for a birthday party. I turned 12, and had an AWESOME time. We had a pinata, ghost stories, makeovers, and random, crazy dance parties. (If anyone's curious, I didn't fall asleep until 3 AM. Ahem! Moving on!)

Hanukkah started on December 4th. I got a Hannah Montana 2008 calendar, clothes, a gift card to Build a Bear, a 3 disc Selena CD collection, and 4-6 lovely, glorious books.

As you all know, Christmas is technically celebrated on December 25th. However, Ethan, Abby, and I celebrated it on December 21st. I got clothes, a new coat, new gloves, shower gel, Hannah Montana: Music Jam and Cooking Mama for Nintendo DS, and High School Musical: Sing It! for the PS2, a Hannah Montana blanket, a Hannah Montana pillow, Hannah Montana, Life's What You Make It DVD, and a Bedazzler. Oh yeah, and TONS of candy.

Happy birthday to:

Aunt Desiree
Uncle Jack
My cousin, Nicole (Nicole, if you're reading this, what color is your hair now?)

The twinsies are expanding their vocabulary! Alison's new word is "mine." She repeats this all day and sounds like those seagulls in Finding Nemo. She says this when Baby Ethan tries to take her toys. My personal favorite is when she hits him, shake her finger at him, and say "NO NO NO! Mine!"

Baby Ethan's new word is "truck." He says this when he hears the garbage truck coming down the street. When he hears this, he RUNS to the window, continually yells "TRUCK!" and throws a hissy fit until we pick him up so he can actually *SEE* the garbage truck. (Those blasted rhododendron bushes get in the way) It's so cute!

Well, I have to go to bed. Ciao for now!


Thursday, November 29, 2007

A-Z Me

A is for Avid book reader. A is also for Computer Addict, as Mom and Dad say.

B is for Babies.

C is for Creativity.

D is for Partially Deaf, as I tend to not listen to people from time to time. (Ahem)

E is for Energetic.

F is for Fwee! (Something I often say when I get excited) F is also for Frappucinos.

G is for "GIVE ME MY BOOK BACK!" Abby likes to put my glasses on and read my books when I'm not in the room.

H is for Hannah Montana, one of my favorite singers. H is also for Haikus, which I love to write.

I is for Inventive. I like to create things like piggybanks out of juice cartons, and snowglobes out of baby food jars. It is also for Israel Calderon, the ADORABLE Yorkie prince!

J is for "Just give me Alison, and nobody gets told on!" I often say this to Abby, as she is a bit clingy to Allycat when I'm not in the room. (And occasionally when I'm in the room as well)

K is for KitKats. They are one of my favorite candies.

L is for Lemon Gumdrops. YUM!!

M is for Mexican. I'm approximately 3/4 Mexican, Mom says.

N is for "NO!" When Abby tells me to kiss our dog on the lips.

O is my mouth when Baby Ethan finishes half of a grilled cheese sandwich in 2 minutes flat or less! :O

P is for Patience, which I severly lack.

Q is for Question. I am very inquisitve.

R is for "Really? I'll alert the news media. Would you prefer Komo 4, King 5, or Q13?" I often say this sarcastically when somebody says something totally obvious.

S is for Sarcasm, something I tend to use often. S is also for Starbucks.

T is for Tea, which I love to drink.

U is for Ugh! (As in, "gross" Ugh, not "weird" Ugh. Something I say when I see Uggs.)

V is for Vermicelli. Vermicelli means "worm" in Italian, and since I like to find earthworms and dissect them, I figured, why not?

W is for "WHOA!" (Something I say just about every time Abby shows me her face after she gives herself a makeover)

X is for Xylophone. I love the sound of them!

Y is for "YUCK! Do I have to eat these enchiladas?" (Something I ask Mom when she tries to make me eat enchiladas for dinner)

Z is for ZING! Which is the sound that Ethan's toy swords make when we duel together.

There! Happy, Mom? :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yawn...Yet another not so exciting update

My 12th birthday is in 10 days. Yay! Mom's dreading it, (she said it makes her feel old) and I'm anxiously awaiting it!

Aunt Desiree's birthday's also in 10 days.

And my Uncle Anthony's and cousin Nicole's birthday are at the end of December. (The 28th)

I've been getting straight A's in all subjects except math. (It's my worst and least favorite subject) I have a project due on Friday, so wish me luck!

I got an AWESOME new trophy on Neopets earlier. I'm now a Level 8 Games Master. : ) I'm hoping to get my prizes soon. (Level 8 is as high as you can go) And it only took me 5 days, instead of the allotted 7.

We got a new LCD flat screen TV. We all love it, and Ethan's excited because we have yet another remote. (What a boy...) The babies love it too! Mostly because the DVD player and VCR are at their height, which gives them 2 new toys to attempt to play with, but still! And what's funny, they know they're not supposed to be playing with them. Baby Ethan was playing with the DVD player today, and Mom comes along and Alison starts shaking her finger at him and saying "no, no, no!"

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I haven't posted in 16 (!) days!

We had the honor of Chaeli Byrd (Yen Yen) coming to church on Saturday, September 15th! She was decked out all in pink! (Pink flower in her hair, pink dress, pink socks, and pink shoes that squeak when she walks!) Her grandma brought snacks for her, so she didn't get hungry, and I learned that she LOVES Cheerios and string cheese! (You could her her "mmmm!" ing all throughout the church.)

We are dog-sitting Israel Calderon for 3 weeks! Julianah: Izzy's doing great! He's been eating very well, but he refused to eat his Honey Nut afternoon snack yesterday. (We'll try it again later today) He absolutely loves playing tug-of-war with his pull rope, and wrestling the lamb/sheep away from me when I make it squeak. He said to tell you that he loves you, and that he misses you.

Oh, yes, and Mom got a bladder infection yesterday. We went to the walk-in clinic yesterday, got her some medicine, and now she cannot have calcium-enriched foods and beverages, or caffeine, much to her dismay. (I have a feeling she's REALLY going to miss her daily Chai and Pepsi)

Well, that's pretty much it for now.


Monday, September 10, 2007


School started today. Luckily, I only have 6 subjects. They are:
Social Studies
and Spanish. (I'm not taking Health and PE this year) So far, the classes seem okay. (Except for Social Studies. I had to watch 7 (!!) 20 minute long videos. BLEH!) I finished around 12:30 PM.

Ethan, Abby, and I went to a picnic/fair on Saturday! It was at Lynndale park. There were games, bouncy toys, a talent show, and more! (I told 2 jokes at the talent show) One of the bouncy toys was an obstacle course. I won every race, except for 2. (One was a tie, and I lost the other one by 3 inches or so, as they got a head start.)

Awana started yesterday! Ethan is now in T&T, Abby is still in Sparks, and I am still in T&T. However, it is my last year. :( I'm thinking of being a helper for the Cubbies next year, though.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Small Update

I added some new music to my blog, and I'll be putting up a new poll soon.

Dad's going to a Dave Matthews concert at the Gorge today with one of his friends.

We started watching a new baby, Caleb, last week! He is 3 months old, and very cute. (He cries A LOT, though) I'll put a picture of him up soon.

School is starting soon. :( (BLEH!) It starts on September 10th. Ethan is thrilled, and can't wait to start, while Abby and I are quite the opposite. Ethan will be going into the 3rd grade, Abby'll be going into the 2nd grade, and I'll be going into the 6th grade.

I know my birthday is more than 3 months away, but I already know have a few ideas for the main things. (The theme, guests, etc.) I'm probably going to either have a Mexican fiesta, or a monkey party. (In terms of food, I'm leaning towards the monkey party, as I'm not fond of much Mexican dinners, such as enchiladas, taquitos, etc. But I do like quesadillas! And I do LOVE Mexican desserts!) I'd like to mix the two somehow, but how do you make a Mexican monkey fiesta?) I want a small party this year. (Only about 6 guests or so) And maybe if Mom lets me, I might be able to have 3 girls sleep over!

...And that's pretty much it. Ciao for now!


Saturday, August 04, 2007


I was leafing through one of the schoolbooks I'll have to use this year in 6th grade, and I found a couple of sections that were totally 100 percent wrong. *Snicker*

The first one explains how Earth began. (It says that 15 billion years ago, a tiny singularity expanded, and at that moment, which is known as the Big Bang, space, time, and the raw materials of everything were created.)
The second one tells us all about evolution. It also shows pictures of how we supposedly evolved from ape-like animals. (Even I know that's not true, and I'm only 11!)

So, yeah. I know more about some subjects than the text-book does. It just amazes me how my school could even send me something that's totally 100 percent wrong! (Well, on some chapters, anyways)

Ay, yi yi. This is going to be a long school year.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Mini Update

I now have my own Toontown account! I am currently in the process of switching my Toon from Ethan's account to my new account. (It takes 1-2 days) It should be switched over soon, as I sent the info a few days ago.

I miss my twins! :( I haven't seen them in almost 3 months. (Their Mom's a school teacher, so we only watch them during the school year)

I'm currently in the process of editing The Adventures of Candy Girl and Monkey Boy, Volume 2, Mr. Healthy's Revenge! I don't know what I'll be selling it for quite yet, but I won't make it too expensive! (Hey, I have to make money off of it somehow, right?)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Adventures of Candy Girl and Monkey Boy, Volume 1

You can download my book, The Adventures of Candy Girl and Monkey Boy, Volume 1, by clicking the link below.


Please note that downloading the book is NOT free; it costs $3.75.

Also, I have slightly edited the book, so it's not exactly the same as it was before.

Thanks, Patricia!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Warning: The next post in Mom's blog will most likely contain TONS of bragging because...

I had to take a CAT, (California Achievement Test) and my overall grade level was 11.3. (That's the 3rd month in the 11th grade)

My scores are as follow:

  • Vocabulary: PHS (PHS indicates the approximate score to be expected if a high school graduate completed EXACTLY the same test)
  • Comprehension: 9.5 (5th month of the 9th grade)
  • Spelling: PHS
  • Language Mechanics: PHS
  • Language Expression: PHS
  • Mathematics Computation: 4.8 (8th month of 4th grade)
  • Math Concepts: 7.5 (5th month of 7th grade)
  • Study Skills: 8.1 (1st month of 8th grade)
  • Science: 6.7 (7th month of 6th grade)
  • Social Studies: 11.0 (11th grade)

Not too bad, eh? Mom is SUPER happy, and she started busting a Joe Brogen (don't ask) on the phone when she was telling relatives/close friends about my test results.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Just when I thought school was over!

I have to do a silly test. And not just any test. It's the California Acheivement Test. It's, quote Mom, "to see where you are in school. You know, if you're above grade level, at grade level, or under grade level."

Yawn. Silly questions+a math test that doesn't let you use calculators=one bored soon-to-be 6th grader!

Abby Moment

This is one of the funniest Abby Moments yet!

"What did you do in Math today, Abby?" Dad asked her after she completed her schoolwork for the day, "did you do addition?"

"No," was Abby's reply.

"Then what did you do?" He asked.

"Pluses!" She declared.

And this concludes that in Abby-Land, addition and pluses are two totally different things.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Abby Moment

And now, what you've all been waiting for! *Drumroll* Another Abby Moment! Please note that this one is similar to another one Mom posted.

Abby and I were washing the dishes, (okay, I was washing them, and Abby was drying them, and putting them away) when she suddenly dropped a pan back in the sink. "You missed a lot, Sierra!" she declared.

"Missed what?" I asked her, confused.

"THIS!" She exclaimed, pointing to the black, non-stick coating on the bottom.

"Pookie, that doesn't come off." I told her.

"Yes it does!" She argued. "You're just not scrubbing it hard enough, lazy-butt!"

"Ay, yi yi." I muttered under my breath.

Weather, Babysittees, Ballet, and a funny story

Today's Friday, and it's supposed to be about 70 degrees today. YAY!

Rachel left a while ago, and Kelvin is napping.

Pookie has her first ballet class today! She can't wait!

The other day, when Mom told her that we would be getting her ballet slippers after Dad got home, she jumped into Mom's arms, and said "I love you so much!"

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Quick Update

Allycat (Alison) has to have surgery on her eye tomorrow. :( (She has a clogged tear duct) Which means the only twin we'll have tomorrow is Baby Ethan. However, we will still have Kelvin and Rachel. (At least the boys won't have to fight over who gets to nap when, since we only have 2 playpens for them to sleep in)

Pookie's going to be taking ballet this summer at the local recreation center! She is absolutely thrilled, and is practicing with her Bella Dancerella Ballet Set as I type.

Ethan and I are going to be taking Tae-Kwon-Do this summer at the same recreation center this summer, but it starts after Pookie's ballet class ends.

And that's pretty much it for now. Ciao for now!


Friday, June 01, 2007


Thanks to the blasted government, *Shakes fists at them* kids under 4"9 in Washington to have a booster seat, effective today. And of course, I'm 4"8. By the time I'm 4"9, I'll be driving, for Pete's sake!

However, what will adult dwarves do? The average maximum for a booster seat is around 100 pounds.

And what will kids do when it comes to riding the school bus? It'd be a hassle, (most places are sold out of them) and a lot of money, to buy 2 booster seats per child.

Unfortunately, with that being the maximum weight limit for my booster seat, and my butt being the size that it is, I'll probably still fit it by the time I'm around 13 or so. (It's just an estimate, though.)

We bought booster seats a few days ago, and we had to go to 4 different stores before we found any! We went to 2 different Walmarts, 1 Target, and finally, 1 Babies R Us. Luckily, we found about 10 of them at Babies R Us. (We didn't buy them all, though! We definitely don't need that many!)

And, because there were absolutely none at either Walmart, and about 10 at Babies R Us, I made up a few haikus.

Walmart stinks big time!
We need booster seats right now!
And 'course, they got squat.

Mega hooray us!
We finally found boosters!
Yay Babies R Us!

I know they aren't exactly the best haikus ever written, but they're not too bad for my first try.

And that's pretty much the end of my rant. (For now, anyways)


Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How many homeschoolers does it take to add a title?

It only took 1, though it took that homeschooler 10 months to figure it out!

I was messing around with some of the options, and I found the option to have the title thingy show up, and it was set to "No." *Smacks self* The little things like that can make you feel like such an idiot! Can anyone else relate?

Bees, weather, Millsberry, you know what, Spanish, 6th grade, and Selena

Ay, yi yi! If there wasn't a bee the size of Texas (I kid you not. The sucker was HUGE!) hovering around where I was reading outside, I wouldn't be blogging right now. Hey, I guess they have a purpose besides making honey and stinging humans. But still! I wasn't bugging (no pun intended) it. I highly doubt that I taste that good to bees, and I was just reading, for Pete's sake! Geez. What rude bees. Anyways, just had to vent. But while I'm here, I might as well update ya'll reading out there about what's happening around here lately.

It's about 80 degrees outside right now. And despite the fact that it was nearly 70 degrees inside the house last night,, I still wore my usual PJs, (sweatpants, a light top, and a bathrobe. I would have also been wearing my slippers as well, but Mom was washing them. She and Dad think that they reek of rotting meat, sweat, and many other gross things, but I beg to differ.) and I covered up with approximately 5 thick blankets. Hey, what can I say? My body runs cold. However, Abby, on the other hand, wore a nightgown and socks, and covered up with a grand total of 2 blankets. (Lucky...And she didn't even get cold!) Anyways, moving on.

I finally got back on Millsberry (similar to Neopets) and it turned out that when I got back from the break I took for a few months, I got really good at most of the games! I spent most the Millsbucks earned from the games furnishing my home. You see, when I got back from my break, I was looking at the high scores to see how many more points I would have to get for a trophy. Well, I came across a few girls in particular that were super rich, (one of them had 34 floors in their house, while I only had 1.) which made me feel cheap. I mean, I had been saving up those Millsbucks for a super long time, and they were created to be spent! So I spoiled my Buddy a bit, (okay, a LOT!) and made her smarter, more fit, bought her more clothes, bought TONS of furniture for my home, helped her get more civics points, etc.

I can't believe it's finally almost June! With school, it still felt like December. (5th grade in a school for gifted kids=BARF!) No quiero saber (Translation: I don't want to know) what Jubilee has in store for me in the 6th grade. Sorry for the Spanish, but I just like writing that! And the fact that it's one of my favorite songs is another reason I'm posting it. (I've played it about 15 times minimum on my iPod Nano alone! That doesn't include my stereo, my iPod Shuffle, or my iTunes library.) However, I've listened to Bidi Bidi Bom Bom 53 times on my Nano alone. *Cough* I've listened to it 52 times in my iTunes library, but I don't know how many times I've listened to it on my Shuffle, or my stereo.

I don't want to bore every single person reading this, but if you've read it up to this point, it must not be that bad, right? ;)


Friday, May 25, 2007

Birthdays, e-mail addresses, weather, French Manicures, Pirates, our Cousins, and American Idol

I know I don't update my blog very much, but I actually have a few interesting things to write! *Gasp*

My friend, Lindsey, turned 13 on Wednesday. However, I slept over at her house on Saturday to celebrate it.

I (FINALLY!) got my cousin's working e-mail address! I know it might not seem like such a big deal to most people, but we haven't contacted each other in months.

It was actually *gasp* sunny yesterday! And on top of that, it was warm out! YAY! I was thrilled to be able to go outside to read a book on a swing without freezing my butt off! The downside? TONS of bees! And what's worse, there's a HUGE rhodedendron bush outside of my bedroom window.

I finally got off my lazy butt and decided to use a manicure kit I got for Easter a few years ago. I gave myself a French manicure. (Only on my thumbs, though. My other nails were too short) It doesn't look too bad, either! Granted, it stank up my room, but still! It can always be aired out. (For those who were wondering, I painted the rest of my nails clear.)

POTC (Pirates of the Caribbean) 3 came out last night! I already know what happens, since I bought the book last Friday, but I still want to see it, despite the lack of humor that the other 2 had.

2 of our cousins, Tyler and Christian might be coming for a visit this summer. We don't know the details yet, but Mom said that it's more than likely that they'll come.

Like I predicted since the auditions, (not kidding) Jordin Sparks won American Idol! Looks like I'll have to save up to buy her upcoming CD.

And, that's pretty much it! Bye for now!


Monday, May 21, 2007

American Idol, and you know what

Tomorrow's the American Idol Finale! It's going to be great! I can't wait to see who wins, because I really like Jordin Sparks, but Blake (Lewis) is a local, so I don't know who I want to win.

I finished school on Friday! My final grades are the following:

Science: B+
Social Studies: A
English: A
Bible: A-
Math: B
Health/PE: A

Not too bad, eh? And now, (this is the best part!) I have absolutely NO MORE schoolwork to do until the next school year! *Dances* Ah, the joys of finishing early.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

More Birthdays, you know what, Paintings I've been working on, iPods, weather, baseball, Kohl's, Spiderman 3, and the Flu

Happy birthday to....

Ethan and Alison! (The Dumo twins) They turned 1 year old on Friday, and their birthday party was on Saturday. Baby Ethan absolutely LOVED his cake, (he tried to stuff the whole piece in his mouth at once!) while Alison ate hers slowly, dainty bite by dainty bite.

My friend, Lindsey, who will be turning 13 on the 23rd!

My cousin, Alex, who will be turning 3 on the 21st!

And our stupid, but lovable, dog, Cassie. I think she'll be turning 5, if I remember correctly.

I'm finished with 3 subjects for the rest of the school year; Math, English, and Health/PE. Yes, you read that right; FINISHED! My final grades for Math, English, and Health and PE are the following:

Math: B
English: A
Health/PE: A

My lowest grade so far is a B, which is in Math. (My worst subject!) However, I got an A on my final Math test. It was pretty easy; there were only 21 questions.

I'm FINALLY almost done with the painting I've been working on since the day after Easter or so. (I took a break for a few weeks, but still!) It's quite complex, which is why it's taking me so long to finish it. (It's a picture of 3 dolphins jumping out of the water at a beach) The water took me a SUPER long time to finish. I'm about halfway done with the dolphins.

I got my iPod Nano replaced in late April! (The battery was being used up WAY too fast, and I could only play about 6-12 songs before the battery died!)

It's actually been *gasp* SUNNY for 5 days in a row! It was about 70 degrees on Monday, and it's supposed to be about 60 degrees (I think) for the rest of the week. Either way, I still don't believe the weatherman/weatherwoman. (Once, at one of Ethan's baseball games last year, the weatherman said it was supposed to be super cold that day, and rain like crazy, but guess what the weather was like at the game? 70 degrees, and VERY hot! And what's worse, I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. To all of the people reading this, NEVER believe the weatherman! Follow your gut, instinct, whatever!)

Speaking of baseball, Ethan's team started playing again recently. I'm the helper of the team, and my personal job is helping Abbey Drake (the daughter of the manager of the team) run to bases, try to catch the ball when it comes near her, etc.

I FINALLY got to use some of the money on my Kohl's gift card that I got for Christmas! I got 2 super-cute halters, one of which I'm wearing as I type! The one I'm wearing is bright yellow, with white trim, and 1 white stripe near the middle. The other one has tons of stripes. (They're green, yellow, red, orange, and white)

I got to see Spiderman 3 on Saturday! (The first one was a lot better) It was kind of boring, considering that I'm not a Spiderman fan. But it was okay, I suppose. Did you know that when it came out, it was the #1 movie? And it grossed $148 million dollars in its first 3 days! Neither did I, until I went to my homeroom (in school) today.

'Tis the season to get sick, fa la la la la, cough sputter barf!
Mom, Kelvin, Kelvin's parents, the twins, and the twins' mom all caught the flu recently. Luckily, it only lasted a couple of days. Now, everybody, (except the twins) is fully recovered.

....And that's pretty much what's been happening lately. Ciao for now!


Friday, March 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Pookie!

Happy birthday, Pookie!

Pookie turned 7 yrs. old on Monday, March 19th, 2007. She got lots of presents, including a dress from Mom and Dad, a dress-up dress from Julianah and Elijah, lots of art supplies, Littlest Pet Shop stuff, and TONS of Barbie Fairytopia, Magic of the Rainbow.

Want a spare account on Neopets, or just want to join to see what it is? If so, click below!


Friday, March 02, 2007

New Beds!

Guess what Dad and Ethan picked up yesterday?

If you guessed a bunk bed, you were right!

It took approximately 2 hours to set it up, and another hour to make our bed, move stuff around, etc. We still have to put up our stuffed animal nets, but we'll do that later.

In addition, Ethan also got a new bed. (Well, it's not really new, since his current mattress was my old one) But he did get one of those box thingies that you put under the mattress. He also got a new headboard, but Mom ordered the wrong size by mistake. *Insert headdesk here* (She ordered a King-size headboard, while she meant to get a Queen or a Full. I can't remember which)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It's about time!

It's SNOWING! We have gotten approximately an inch so far. Anybody else gotten snow recently?

Thursday, February 22, 2007

CDs, the Flu, the Twins, yet another Sleepover, and you know what. ;)

I just finished burning some songs onto a CD! I couldn't put as many songs as I wanted to on it, but I still got to put some good songs on it.

It's official; Dad has finally caught the flu! He threw up once that I know of, during American Idol. He said that barfing made him feel a bit better, and that he coughed up a lung. (Gross!)

It's Thursday, which means things are VERY hectic around here! The twins go home for the week on Thursday, I need to start packing for the sleepover soon, and, as always, we have school. : (

Speaking of school, you can now send videos of yourself, and they'll post them on the website. However, there is a twist; you have to tell them what you like about school best. Any ideas about what to say? (I'm thinking of sending a video)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

'Tis the season for the flu, fa la la la la, cough sputter barf!

Ethan got the flu last week, and guess who got it this week? Abby, Kelvin, Mom, Rachel, baby Ethan, and I. (Dad's starting to get it now, too) I currently have the record for puking the most amount of times while I was sick. (It's not really something to be proud of, but hey, it's something)

I'm going to a sleepover at my Awana leader's house! It's on Friday, at 7:00 PM. I can't wait! My friend, Deedee, might be going as well. I just can't decide what movie or CD to bring. Any suggestions? (By the way, it has to be a Disney movie, and it's can't be rated PG-13, or R) Since Pirates of the Caribbean is PG-13 for "frightening images and adventure violence," it's a no-go. : ( I'm thinking of burning some of my favorite songs onto a CD, though.

I got brand new bedding last Friday! The blanket and pillow shams are white, with multi-colored circles on it, and the sheets and the pillowcases are green with white circles on them. It is super comfy, and very cool looking.

I got LOTS of sugar for Valentines Day! Rachel's mom brought cupcakes and valentines, Mom and Dad bought us frosted sugar cookies, and Kelvin's mom surprised us with cherry and apple turnovers and goodie bags, filled with conversation hearts, lollipops, and many more things that I can't remember.

Dad went to a Rat Dog (don't ask) concert on Saturday, and danced so wildly, that last night, during American Idol, he was complaining that his calf hurt.

I got to go out to Azteca last Friday! I had a Shirley Temple and a Mexi Hot Doggie, which is a beef hot dog, with melted cheese, inside of a tortilla. (Yum!) It was very good, but I had too many chips before they actually served us the food, so I couldn't finish it. It was really yummy, though.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The new Bloggers are coming, the new Bloggers are coming!

Hi everyone! My friend Lindsey, mentioned in numerous posts, now has her own blog, thanks to yours truly! Come check it out here!

Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow, Sleepovers, the Twins, My Birthday Party, Toontown, eBay, and the Holidays

Hi everyone! This should be a super long post, since I haven't updated my blog in more than a month.

We've had snow for about 5 days or so now! We currently have about 1 or 2 inches right now, since the majority of the snow we had a few days ago is now ice.

I slept over at Deedee's house on Saturday! We went sledding in her driveway, had a couple of snowball fights, played "The Game of Life" approximately 5 times, and played with her grandma's old cell phone.

After the first snowball fight, her behind was numb, thanks to yours truly, so we inside the house to play "The Game Of Life," watch Hannah Montana, eat popcorn, and drink hot chocolate. Anyways, her behind was so numb, it started to itch, she said, so she made a home-made hot pack, (hot water inside a Ziploc bag) put it in her pants, and it popped in her pants! (Can't you just picture my reaction?) I almost wet myself laughing! Heck, it looked like she wet herself!

Ethan and Alison should be here soon! (They both have colds, though. : ( ) I bet that even though Alison is sick, she'll still be happy to see me. (I'm not lying, either. When she arrives at our house, I usually get out my room about an hour later or so, and the second she sees me, she starts screaming and laughing hysterically!)

Julianah, Julianah's Mom, Julianah's cousin Elijah, Deedee, Lindsey, Liliana came to my birthday party. We had pizza, 2 different cakes, (I only got to eat one of the cakes, though. : ( Although the one I did get to eat was DELICIOUS!) and lots of chips.

Liliana, Deedee, and Lindsey slept over. Now, only Liliana's allowed to sleep over again, because she and I weren't being loud like some other people, mentioned above.

I can now access almost all of the things Toontown has to offer, because Ethan bought a subscription, and he let me make a Toon on it! Her name is Vanessa H. . (Anyone else have a Toon in Toontown? If so, let me know!)

I'm selling lots of things on eBay, so if you want to buy something, or if you just want to browse to see what I'm selling, go to this link: http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZdeniseopperQQhtZ-1

Who knows? Maybe you'll find something that you want to buy!

Happy (late) New Year's, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa, everybody!

Julianah might be coming over today! (I hope she does, because I have a present for her)

Well, I think that's about it, so good-bye for now!