Saturday, August 04, 2007


I was leafing through one of the schoolbooks I'll have to use this year in 6th grade, and I found a couple of sections that were totally 100 percent wrong. *Snicker*

The first one explains how Earth began. (It says that 15 billion years ago, a tiny singularity expanded, and at that moment, which is known as the Big Bang, space, time, and the raw materials of everything were created.)
The second one tells us all about evolution. It also shows pictures of how we supposedly evolved from ape-like animals. (Even I know that's not true, and I'm only 11!)

So, yeah. I know more about some subjects than the text-book does. It just amazes me how my school could even send me something that's totally 100 percent wrong! (Well, on some chapters, anyways)

Ay, yi yi. This is going to be a long school year.

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