Friday, August 31, 2007

Small Update

I added some new music to my blog, and I'll be putting up a new poll soon.

Dad's going to a Dave Matthews concert at the Gorge today with one of his friends.

We started watching a new baby, Caleb, last week! He is 3 months old, and very cute. (He cries A LOT, though) I'll put a picture of him up soon.

School is starting soon. :( (BLEH!) It starts on September 10th. Ethan is thrilled, and can't wait to start, while Abby and I are quite the opposite. Ethan will be going into the 3rd grade, Abby'll be going into the 2nd grade, and I'll be going into the 6th grade.

I know my birthday is more than 3 months away, but I already know have a few ideas for the main things. (The theme, guests, etc.) I'm probably going to either have a Mexican fiesta, or a monkey party. (In terms of food, I'm leaning towards the monkey party, as I'm not fond of much Mexican dinners, such as enchiladas, taquitos, etc. But I do like quesadillas! And I do LOVE Mexican desserts!) I'd like to mix the two somehow, but how do you make a Mexican monkey fiesta?) I want a small party this year. (Only about 6 guests or so) And maybe if Mom lets me, I might be able to have 3 girls sleep over!

...And that's pretty much it. Ciao for now!


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