Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Birthdays, Colds, Infections, and Plots

Happy birthday to me, my friend Liliana, my cousin Nicole, Uncle Anthony, Uncle Randy, and Aunt Desiree! (Did I miss anyone else?)

For my birthday, I'm having a monkey-themed slumber party! It's on Saturday, and I've only invited a small amount of people this year; my friend Liliana, mentioned above, my friend Deedee, mentioned in numerous previous posts, my friend Lindsey, Julianah, who is my little sister, Abby's, friend, and very sweet, and I will be inviting the new girl in our Shabbat School, Eden, the next time I see her.

Ethan and Abby are sick with colds, while I'm sick with a double ear infection, and a sinus infection, not to mention a nasty cough. :( And, to my delight, (not!) I'm back on my nose spray! Yay! (Please note the sarcasm in "Yay!")

There's a plot (aka, a puzzle) on a website I like to play on (www.neopets.com), and guess what? I finished it a few hours ago! It took me a while, since I quit doing it for a few months after I got stuck on a particular part, but I was bored, so I started where I left off, got past the part I was stuck on, and finished everything else I had to do. The prizes rock, and I got a cool trophy. (Not a real one; it's on the website)