Thursday, November 12, 2009

Updates O' Plenty!

I'm now a red belt in Taekwondo. Next is Danbo (Also called black tip or zebra) and then black. Ethan's a brown belt, which is the belt before red.

I basically bleached my hair a while back and then dyed it red, which later turned orange. I dyed it purple again on Tuesday. I would post pictures of the purple hair, but I have none as of yet.

I'm now dubbed the "Cake Boss", and I'm the official cake maker and decorator for family and friends. It'll be my first time making a cake for Ethan's birthday for his party. The cake is going to be insanely epic. It's Lord of the Rings themed, which makes it insanely simple. Whatever kind of cake Ethan wants, with black frosting on top, red and yellow sparkle gel for lava, some rice Krispy treats molded to look like a ring, covered in frosting, which will then be covered in yellow fondant with Runes on it. (Edible food markers for the win!) It will say "Happy Birthday, My Precious" on it. Complex? Eh, sort of. Epic? Heck yeah!