Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Can't stop hopping!

I got a Bazooka Pogo Stick from the Awana Store when I was 8. I was only about 45 lbs. then, and the minimum weight limit was 55 lbs., so my record was 4 hops off the ground. I got bored a few days ago and pulled it out of the garage. My record then became 6, and it kept rising try after try. My record is 1,504 as of yesterday. I'll be trying again soon in the garage for another record.

P.S. I am NOT going for the world record. The record is 177,737, over a span of 20 hours and 20 minutes. But if I raise my score by 2,000 bounces every day over 365 days, I will have crushed the record. But that's highly unlikely.