Friday, June 01, 2007


Thanks to the blasted government, *Shakes fists at them* kids under 4"9 in Washington to have a booster seat, effective today. And of course, I'm 4"8. By the time I'm 4"9, I'll be driving, for Pete's sake!

However, what will adult dwarves do? The average maximum for a booster seat is around 100 pounds.

And what will kids do when it comes to riding the school bus? It'd be a hassle, (most places are sold out of them) and a lot of money, to buy 2 booster seats per child.

Unfortunately, with that being the maximum weight limit for my booster seat, and my butt being the size that it is, I'll probably still fit it by the time I'm around 13 or so. (It's just an estimate, though.)

We bought booster seats a few days ago, and we had to go to 4 different stores before we found any! We went to 2 different Walmarts, 1 Target, and finally, 1 Babies R Us. Luckily, we found about 10 of them at Babies R Us. (We didn't buy them all, though! We definitely don't need that many!)

And, because there were absolutely none at either Walmart, and about 10 at Babies R Us, I made up a few haikus.

Walmart stinks big time!
We need booster seats right now!
And 'course, they got squat.

Mega hooray us!
We finally found boosters!
Yay Babies R Us!

I know they aren't exactly the best haikus ever written, but they're not too bad for my first try.

And that's pretty much the end of my rant. (For now, anyways)


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