Thursday, June 21, 2007

Warning: The next post in Mom's blog will most likely contain TONS of bragging because...

I had to take a CAT, (California Achievement Test) and my overall grade level was 11.3. (That's the 3rd month in the 11th grade)

My scores are as follow:

  • Vocabulary: PHS (PHS indicates the approximate score to be expected if a high school graduate completed EXACTLY the same test)
  • Comprehension: 9.5 (5th month of the 9th grade)
  • Spelling: PHS
  • Language Mechanics: PHS
  • Language Expression: PHS
  • Mathematics Computation: 4.8 (8th month of 4th grade)
  • Math Concepts: 7.5 (5th month of 7th grade)
  • Study Skills: 8.1 (1st month of 8th grade)
  • Science: 6.7 (7th month of 6th grade)
  • Social Studies: 11.0 (11th grade)

Not too bad, eh? Mom is SUPER happy, and she started busting a Joe Brogen (don't ask) on the phone when she was telling relatives/close friends about my test results.


Unknown said...

Wow Sierra!!! I'm super proud of you! I knew you were a smart cookie. Or a bright crayon. Or...well, I'm out of metaphors at this point.

BUT....I'm glad you're doing so well!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sierra-
I was reading your mom's blog and saw your link...I too was homeschooled (4th grade until high school graduation) and my scores looked just like your CAT scores. I wanted to encourage you to keep trying your BEST at Math! I gave up too early and now that I'm an adult, I really regret my laziness! I'm a stay at home Mom to a 15 month old girl and I find hundreds of opportunities for math skills that I simply haven't mastered.
Keep reading, writing and LEARNING!
Kay from VA