Monday, January 15, 2007

Snow, Sleepovers, the Twins, My Birthday Party, Toontown, eBay, and the Holidays

Hi everyone! This should be a super long post, since I haven't updated my blog in more than a month.

We've had snow for about 5 days or so now! We currently have about 1 or 2 inches right now, since the majority of the snow we had a few days ago is now ice.

I slept over at Deedee's house on Saturday! We went sledding in her driveway, had a couple of snowball fights, played "The Game of Life" approximately 5 times, and played with her grandma's old cell phone.

After the first snowball fight, her behind was numb, thanks to yours truly, so we inside the house to play "The Game Of Life," watch Hannah Montana, eat popcorn, and drink hot chocolate. Anyways, her behind was so numb, it started to itch, she said, so she made a home-made hot pack, (hot water inside a Ziploc bag) put it in her pants, and it popped in her pants! (Can't you just picture my reaction?) I almost wet myself laughing! Heck, it looked like she wet herself!

Ethan and Alison should be here soon! (They both have colds, though. : ( ) I bet that even though Alison is sick, she'll still be happy to see me. (I'm not lying, either. When she arrives at our house, I usually get out my room about an hour later or so, and the second she sees me, she starts screaming and laughing hysterically!)

Julianah, Julianah's Mom, Julianah's cousin Elijah, Deedee, Lindsey, Liliana came to my birthday party. We had pizza, 2 different cakes, (I only got to eat one of the cakes, though. : ( Although the one I did get to eat was DELICIOUS!) and lots of chips.

Liliana, Deedee, and Lindsey slept over. Now, only Liliana's allowed to sleep over again, because she and I weren't being loud like some other people, mentioned above.

I can now access almost all of the things Toontown has to offer, because Ethan bought a subscription, and he let me make a Toon on it! Her name is Vanessa H. . (Anyone else have a Toon in Toontown? If so, let me know!)

I'm selling lots of things on eBay, so if you want to buy something, or if you just want to browse to see what I'm selling, go to this link:

Who knows? Maybe you'll find something that you want to buy!

Happy (late) New Year's, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy Kwanzaa, everybody!

Julianah might be coming over today! (I hope she does, because I have a present for her)

Well, I think that's about it, so good-bye for now!


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Wolfgirl said...

Hi Sierra,
My name is Taylor, I am nine years old, and am homeschooled as well. I have a twin sister, and two little brothers. I also play toontown. My toons name is Princess Sandy Blubberjinks. She has a laugh point of 100, and I am working in Donalds Dreamland right now. I am hoping to work on my lawbot disguise soon. I would really like a true friend to play with. If you are interested, please email me:
Hope to talk to you soon,
~Taylor, in Arkansas