Thursday, February 22, 2007

CDs, the Flu, the Twins, yet another Sleepover, and you know what. ;)

I just finished burning some songs onto a CD! I couldn't put as many songs as I wanted to on it, but I still got to put some good songs on it.

It's official; Dad has finally caught the flu! He threw up once that I know of, during American Idol. He said that barfing made him feel a bit better, and that he coughed up a lung. (Gross!)

It's Thursday, which means things are VERY hectic around here! The twins go home for the week on Thursday, I need to start packing for the sleepover soon, and, as always, we have school. : (

Speaking of school, you can now send videos of yourself, and they'll post them on the website. However, there is a twist; you have to tell them what you like about school best. Any ideas about what to say? (I'm thinking of sending a video)

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