Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Yawn...Yet another not so exciting update

My 12th birthday is in 10 days. Yay! Mom's dreading it, (she said it makes her feel old) and I'm anxiously awaiting it!

Aunt Desiree's birthday's also in 10 days.

And my Uncle Anthony's and cousin Nicole's birthday are at the end of December. (The 28th)

I've been getting straight A's in all subjects except math. (It's my worst and least favorite subject) I have a project due on Friday, so wish me luck!

I got an AWESOME new trophy on Neopets earlier. I'm now a Level 8 Games Master. : ) I'm hoping to get my prizes soon. (Level 8 is as high as you can go) And it only took me 5 days, instead of the allotted 7.

We got a new LCD flat screen TV. We all love it, and Ethan's excited because we have yet another remote. (What a boy...) The babies love it too! Mostly because the DVD player and VCR are at their height, which gives them 2 new toys to attempt to play with, but still! And what's funny, they know they're not supposed to be playing with them. Baby Ethan was playing with the DVD player today, and Mom comes along and Alison starts shaking her finger at him and saying "no, no, no!"

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