Monday, September 25, 2006

Bedroom Switcharoo, and my awesome imaginary friend

I am so tired! We stayed up until about 9:00 PM to switch our rooms around, so I am now bunking with Abby, and Ethan has his own room. There is also a rumor about Abby and I getting bunk beds, but shhhh! You didn't hear it from me. You heard it from my imaginary friend, who is a rabid squirrel with fleas (What can I say? I'm in a creative mood.) who can, unfortunately, speak English. Moving our beds and taking every single possesion we own to the living room, Mom's bed, etc., was a real pain, and it took me 4 (!) hours just to organize my room, put posters, up, throw stuff away, etc. I was ecstatic when Mom said I only had to do 1 day of schoolwork, instead of 3 days. YAY! Our room now looks great, clean, which happens to have a ton of posters on the walls, above the closets, and more. WHEW! Well, I gotta sign off. Bye!


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