Monday, September 11, 2006

School, New Shoes, New Jeans, and Awana

Hi everyone! School is going pretty good. So far I've been getting all A's and B's.

I got new shoes over the weekend! They're white with glitter on them. Simple, but cute. They're a size 6, and my mom started flipping out while we were at the mall after I bought them. (She flipped out because her Aunt's size 5 1/2 shoes were too big for her to wear to a school dance, and she was 15! I, on the other hand, am only 10 and wearing size 6 shoes.)

I also got a few new pairs of jeans a few hours ago! They're a bit big in the behind, but other than that, they fit pretty well.

Awana started yesterday, and I was off to a pretty good start. I got 3 sections done, (I usually only do 1) and I didn't even practice my verses beforehand! I was happy for quite a while after that.

Whew! That's a lot more than I usually write! Well, I guess I should sign off. (I don't have anything else to write either, so that makes it easy.)


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