Tuesday, September 19, 2006

School and Shopping

Hi everyone!

WHEW! I did 3 days worth of schoolwork today, which took me more than 3 hours. I'm glad I'm finally done! I had to do mostly reading, but I had some tests and quizzes as well.

My friend Deedee and I went to the mall on Sunday. We went to the following stores:
Limited Too
Club Libby Lu (I got a backpack and a tube of candy)
Build-A-Bear-Workshop (I got a Snow Leopard and a free book)
The Apple Store (I wanted to buy an accessory for one of my iPods, but I only had about $11.00 left. :( )
Cold Stone Creamery (Ok, it's not really a store; it sells ice cream, but we still went there! I got Cotton Candy flavored ice cream there.)
Borders Books (I got a Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends (it's a TV show on Cartoon Network) coloring book for my brother Ethan, and a Barbie coloring book for Abby)
Payless (It's a shoe store, if you didn't already know.)
Sweet Factory (They had lollipop bigger than Deedee's head!!!! I probably would have bought one if they weren't $31.00 each. YIKES!)
and I think that's it. My Mom and Dad gave me $40.00 for the mall, and when I came back home, I only had $3.00 left! Suprisingly, Mom and Dad weren't very suprised. Ethan and Abby loved their coloring books, as well.

WHEW! That's a lot of typing. Well, there's nothing left I can think of to write about, so I guess I'll sign off. Bye!


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