Monday, October 02, 2006

Comments, and Toontown

*TV commentator voice* Would you like to see new posts on this blog everyday? Then leave some comments! The owner has had this blog for a month, and there are absolutely NO comments! Not even spam! So please comment on this blog whenever possible, and the owner of the blog will try to update her blog everyday, or whenever possible.

News update: I'm thinking of buying ToonTown! (It's extremely fun. You get to go fishing, ride on the trolley, play games, and more. And, no, I did not quote the commercial!) Ethan (my brother) has bought the subscription, while me, having no money, (Ok, close to no money.) *cough* $3.00 *cough* have been making multiple accounts to play the free 3 day trial. My latest username is so cool! (It's "vanillachocolate10" without the quotes) I also love my "Toon's" name. (It's "Princess Candy Lemonbubble" without the quotes) I wish you could type your own name for your Toon in the free trial, but nooo! You have to buy the $10.00-a-MONTH subscription! (Honestly, it's a little ridiculous to pay that much for a website. It's even more ridiculous that you only get a 3 day trial!)

Well, I have to sign off. :( Bye!


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