Thursday, October 05, 2006

You know what, pictures, weather, and Tippy

Hi everyone! I finished the first quarter of school on Tuesday, and now the computer has to catch up with me! (Tee hee) So until the computer catches up, I have no schoolwork to do! So it's basically like another summer vacation, but shorter.

I'll add some pictures ASAP, as soon as I can access them. (My dad made my computer the Media Center computer, so I didn't have access to the pictures after that. Oh well!)

It's been very nice out here for the last few days! (Warm, sunny, etc. You get the picture, right?) I'm very glad that it's so nice about, because I get to ride my bike more often! We also get to play "Tippy". (We hang on the swing set and stand on the top of our red toy car, and then one of us, which is usually me, tips it over, hence the name "Tippy".

I have to sign off. : (


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