Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pirates, all the Babysitees, and my Lucky Bracelet

Again, I haven't posted in almost a week! (4 days) Double eeek!!

We rented "Pirates of the Caribbean, Curse of Black Pearl" today. I liked it. It was very funny! I loved the part where Captain Jack Sparrow said "But why is the rum gone!?"

We've got all of the kids tomorrow, (Porter, Rachel, Ethan, and Alison) so I'm going to have to go to bed a bit early today, since I have to get up at about 7:00 AM or so. (Groan!)

Mom said that when "Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest" comes out on DVD, we can rent it. Yay!

I just found out yesterday that I have a lucky bracelet. (Which is why I'm going to try to wear it every day, for luck.) It's purple, blue, pink, and yellow. It's very pretty, and stylish. (In my opinion, anyways!)

Well, I need to go. It's almost dinner time, and I need to clean my room. And besides, I have nothing else to write, and my hands are starting to hurt.


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