Thursday, November 29, 2007

A-Z Me

A is for Avid book reader. A is also for Computer Addict, as Mom and Dad say.

B is for Babies.

C is for Creativity.

D is for Partially Deaf, as I tend to not listen to people from time to time. (Ahem)

E is for Energetic.

F is for Fwee! (Something I often say when I get excited) F is also for Frappucinos.

G is for "GIVE ME MY BOOK BACK!" Abby likes to put my glasses on and read my books when I'm not in the room.

H is for Hannah Montana, one of my favorite singers. H is also for Haikus, which I love to write.

I is for Inventive. I like to create things like piggybanks out of juice cartons, and snowglobes out of baby food jars. It is also for Israel Calderon, the ADORABLE Yorkie prince!

J is for "Just give me Alison, and nobody gets told on!" I often say this to Abby, as she is a bit clingy to Allycat when I'm not in the room. (And occasionally when I'm in the room as well)

K is for KitKats. They are one of my favorite candies.

L is for Lemon Gumdrops. YUM!!

M is for Mexican. I'm approximately 3/4 Mexican, Mom says.

N is for "NO!" When Abby tells me to kiss our dog on the lips.

O is my mouth when Baby Ethan finishes half of a grilled cheese sandwich in 2 minutes flat or less! :O

P is for Patience, which I severly lack.

Q is for Question. I am very inquisitve.

R is for "Really? I'll alert the news media. Would you prefer Komo 4, King 5, or Q13?" I often say this sarcastically when somebody says something totally obvious.

S is for Sarcasm, something I tend to use often. S is also for Starbucks.

T is for Tea, which I love to drink.

U is for Ugh! (As in, "gross" Ugh, not "weird" Ugh. Something I say when I see Uggs.)

V is for Vermicelli. Vermicelli means "worm" in Italian, and since I like to find earthworms and dissect them, I figured, why not?

W is for "WHOA!" (Something I say just about every time Abby shows me her face after she gives herself a makeover)

X is for Xylophone. I love the sound of them!

Y is for "YUCK! Do I have to eat these enchiladas?" (Something I ask Mom when she tries to make me eat enchiladas for dinner)

Z is for ZING! Which is the sound that Ethan's toy swords make when we duel together.

There! Happy, Mom? :)


Unknown said...

Yes, very. Thank you.

And as I seem to recall, you managed to eat the little portion of enchilada I gave you last night. So there!

Anonymous said...

Because we got a piece of candy afterwards, silly! Why else would I eat them?