Friday, November 17, 2006

Abby Moment

*TV commentator voice* And now ladies and gentlemen, to your entertainment, the latest Abby Moment! (Drumroll, please!)

Warning: Do not read this blog post unless you do not mind if you get a stomach-ache while laughing. We in no way take responsibility for stomach-aches, excessive giggling until the next week, or sore hands from slapping your hands on the desk. (Mom and I do that all of the time when we read something funny on the computer)

I wrote how much money I had on a Spongebob Stickynote, and put it above the desk in my room, so I wouldn't forget how much money I had the next time we went shopping. (I have $19.50) My handwriting was a bit sloppy, and Abby didn't see the decimal between the 9 and the 5, so she looked at me, smiled, and confidently said "You have one hundred nineteen fifty dollars."

Tune in next time for another Abby Moment!

*Switches back to regular voice* See? I told you it'd make you laugh!

Well, I should be back in a few days, when the next Abby Moment occurs.


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