Friday, August 25, 2006

Welcome to Sierra's World!

Hi! Welcome to my new blog, Sierra's World. I'm 10.5 yrs. old, and will be going into the 5th grade in the fall. I attend the Jubilee Academy and have been homeschooled since I was in Kindergarten.

I'm the oldest of 3--my brother, Ethan is 7.5 yrs old, and my sister, Abby is 6 yrs. old.

Beginning next Tuesday, my mom & I will be watching TWINS! Their names are Ethan and Alison, they're 3 months old, and sooooo cute! I think they like Mom especially well, since they "christened" her with baby barf.

In addition to them, we already watch Porter (an adorable 19 mo. old), Rachel (3.5 yrs old), and McKenna until school starts (6 yrs. old).

Some things about me:

I like gymnastics and take class twice a week, baseball, shopping (lots of shopping!), vanilla bean frappuccinos, playing on Neopets, pop music, dogs, monkeys, reading (lots and lots of reading), chocolate, TV shows like Spongebob Squarepants, Hannah Montana, and Lizzie McGuire, and hanging out with my friends.

I'll try to update my blog every day, and maybe add a couple of pictures when I'm not feeling lazy.

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